James H. Cyriax

"The father of Orthopaedic Medicine"

Target Group

Although blemishes from these structures are common, it has always been a neglected part of medical education.

This shortcoming leads to a situation that is unreasonable in other medical disciplines: vague or unrecognized diagnoses ineffective treatments. These patients continue to have many years of trouble without getting help.

The wish is that orthopedic medicine and orthopedic surgery should complement eachother where the surgeon operates where it is indicated and physiotherapists / physiotherapists and the general practitioner with orthopedic further education will be responsible for the lesions that are not to be performed.

Working method

Orthopedic medicine is an intellectually very satisfying and challenging discipline because the tools for diagnosis are simple.

The diagnosis is based on the history and the clinical examination. Technical investigations, such as x-ray, CT and MRT, have a limited value, and may in some situations be misleading. Technical investigations are used primarily in case of suspected serious illness or for possible operative surgery as a basis for the surgeon. In most cases, we have a detailed diagnosis by name and clinical examination and treatment can begin.

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