OMI Norden

OMI Norden is a Scandinavian association of teachers and group leaders in orthopaedic medicine, cooperating with OMI Global.

We offer education within Orthopaedic Medicine

OMI Norden currently offers education in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. OMI Global also offers education in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Italy, England, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and India.

The education is devided into Basic and Advanced Courses of 3 modules each A module consists of 5 days of 2 and 3 days duration - A and B course.

Basic courses

The basic course consists of 15 course days. Here we emphasize the ”common” lesions in the upper and lower extremities and the columna.

Between each course, half a day of rehearsal is offered under the leadership of group leaders who have undergone group leadership training. The course courses end with 2 two-day rehearsal courses and a theoretical and practical basic exam.

Advanced courses

The advanced course has the same structure as the basic courses. Here we place more emphasis on differential diagnoses and more unusual lesions.

Advanced courses end with a three-day rehearsal course and ”Advanced exam”. Here too a theoretical and a practical examination.

Orthopedic Medicine is compatible with other diciplines-eg, McKenzie, Maitland etc.