About Orthopaedic Medicine

Dr James Cyriax was ”the father of Orthopaedic Medicine”. Orthopaedic Medicine consists of diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue lesions in the musculo-skeletal system. We deal with lesions, pain from muscles, ligaments, joints, bursae and the spine. 

Target Group

These patients are responsible for up to 30% of all the visits in a General Practice, and the training of doctors and physiotherapists is not adequate for this group of patients. The result is vague and unprecise diagnosis combined with often inefficient treatments. This can go on for several years . Our aim is to get a better cooperation between the orthopaedic surgeon and orthopaedic medicine of non surgical nature, where the surgeon operates where it is indicated, while the orthopaedic medicine trained doctors and physiotherapists deal with the non surgical. 


This group of patients are very costly, with long sick leaves, pensions etc. Further education for doctors and physiotherapists which enhances the diagnostic and treatment skills will have enormous economic consequences.

Way of working

Orthopaedic Medicine is intellectually very satisfactory and challenging for the doctor and physiotherapist. The diagnosis is based on the history and clinical examination. Technical investigation is of limited value, and can in certain cases be misleading. Precise diagnosis will always be the cornerstone, before a treatment is instituted.


Orthopaedic Medicine offers various treatments: Steroid injections, manipulation, traction, friction massage, mobilisations, stretching, prophylaxis.
A close cooperation between the doctor and physiotherapist where they ”speak the same laguage” is often needed and is most successful.
Orthopedic Medicine is compatible with other diciplines-eg, McKenzie, Maitland etc.

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"The father of Orthopaedic Medicine"

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