OMINORDEN har nöjet att återigen arrangera en 1-dagars kurs i fokuserad stötvåg.

Detta är en introduktion i denna teknik och behandlingsmetod och den senaste tekniken inom området kommer att demonstreras.

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OMI Norden is a Scandinavian association of teachers and group leaders in orthopaedic medicine, cooperating with OMI Global. OMI Norden offers further education in orthopaedic medicine, specifically for doctors, physiotherapists, naprapaths and chiropractors. OMI Norden aims to create interest groups and activity within orthopaedic medicine in Scandinavia.    

We offer education within orthopaedic medicine

OMI Norden currently offers education in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. OMI Global also offers education in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Italy, England, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and India. 
The education is devided into Basic and Advanced Courses of 3 modules each
A module consists of 5 days of 2 and 3 days duration - A and B course. 

Basic course

The basic course is of 15 days duration. Here we emphasize the common lesions in the upper-lower extremities and the spine. Between the courses a half day repetition course is offered, lead by a OMI-trained Group Leader.
Thereafter 2 repetition courses of 2 days, followed by Basic Exam in Orthopaedic Medicine, theoretical and practical examination.

Advanced course

The advanced course has the same structure as the basic course. Here we pay more attention to differential diagnosis and more uncommon lesions.

The advanced course is followed up by a three-day repetition course before Advanced Exam in Orthopaedic Medicine, also theoretical and practical examination.

Streamlined education

The entire education usually takes 3 to 4 years to complete and has the same structure and content in all countries we teach. This renders further education possible in your country of choice.

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